Bay Area Native Aidan DeYoung Returns

Aidan DeYoung in "Carmina Burana" Photo: Keith Sutter Photography

Aidan DeYoung in “Carmina Burana”
Photo: Keith Sutter Photography

Though Aidan DeYoung did not start training in classical ballet until later on, dance and music have always been a huge part of his life…


A young Aidan performing. Photo: Alexandra Nemchik

A young Aidan performing.
Photo: Alexandra Nemchik

Aidan was introduced to dance through Priscilla Stanford (PS) Youth Performing Arts Studio, where he performed in musical numbers at various local venues such as retirement communities and county fairs. He quickly branched out into stage musicals where his obvious abilities in dance led him to attend Jazz and Tap classes at Dance Arts Center in San Mateo. It was at the Dance Art Center where Aidan met Berle Davis and Robyn Tribuzi, two teachers who proved to be incredibly instrumental in his dance career. These wonderful teachers taught Aidan an incredible amount in regards to performance and movement quality, while constantly demanding discipline and focus on technique with the utmost professionalism.




Aidan in rehearsal at the Academy of Ballet  Photo: Zory Karah

Aidan in rehearsal at the Academy of Ballet
Photo: Zory Karah

While performing in musicals at San Mateo High School, Aidan was predominantly featured for his noticeable gift of dance and was highly encouraged by close friend Sarah Blodgett, to begin ballet classes during his senior year of high school. This led Aidan to enroll at the Academy of Ballet in San Francisco under the direction of Richard Gibson and Zory Karah. For five years these magnificent teachers provided Aidan with top-notch training that  he attributes to his success of becoming a professional ballet dancer. It was from this solid technique base that he was able to secure a professional job with world-renowned ballet company, Ballet West in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Puck" in Ballet West's A Midsummer Night's Dream Photo: Beau Pearson

“Puck” in Ballet West’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Photo: Beau Pearson


While at Ballet West, Aidan enjoyed the pleasure of performing many important roles, but one particular memory stands out. While on tour at the Chicago dancing Festival in Grant Park, Aidan relished in the unique experience of performing Jiří Kylián’s Sinfonietta to an audience of 13,000 people. He vividly recalls the palpable and unforgettable energy that existed onstage and in the audience during this rare opportunity. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Aidan with Mayo Sugano Raab  Photo: Levy Dance

Aidan with Mayo Sugano Raab
Photo: Levy Dance

During his time at Ballet West, Aidan also attended summer programs at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance working with the wonderful teachers Summer Rhatigan, Christian Burns, Tristan Ching and Alex Ketley. His experiences at the SF Conservatory, known for providing quality ballet and contemporary dance training, proved to be a monumental life change as a dancer. Aidan discovered that his perception, physical sense, and mental process for dance became enlightened and he was able to experiment in ways that he had not previously thought of.


“I felt like I had never moved like that before, but I also felt like in that movement was where I belonged. To have that experience as an adult was something really special for me.”

Aidan DeYoung & former Smuin Ballet dancer Janica Smith "Fly Me to The Moon" Photo:

Aidan DeYoung & former Smuin Ballet dancer Janica Smith “Fly Me to The Moon”

Since joining Smuin Ballet in the fall of 2012 Aidan has danced works by Michael Smuin as well as Adam Houghland’s Cold Virtues and Helen Pickett’s Petal. Aidan also dances with Robert Dekkers’ company Post:Ballet.


Aidan enjoying some R & R! Photo: Sage Watson

Aidan enjoying some R & R!
Photo: Sage Watson




When Aidan is not dancing he is an avid lover of athletics and spends a good deal of time watching and playing sports, with baseball and basketball being his favorites. Additionally, he enjoys tossing a Frisbee around in the park with friends. Reading is also at the top of his list of priorities and occasionally he will indulge in a round or two of video games.


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