Meet Smuin Apprentice Jonah Corrall!

        After completing almost a full season of performances with Smuin Contemporary Ballet, trainee Jonah Corrall will continue his work with the Company as an apprentice for the 2018/19 season. At only 19, Corrall has appeared in a variety of timeless Michael Smuin pieces, as well as in Smuin’s most recent [...]

Meet Smuin Apprentice Jonah Corrall!2018-10-18T14:07:07-08:00

Meet Smuin’s New Dancers!

        As a company, Smuin Contemporary Ballet prides itself on presenting bold, new works performed by dancers who are both skilled artists and athletes. This season, Smuin is pleased to welcome five new dancers and two visiting artists to the stage! Ian Buchanan, Maggie Carey, Alysia Chang, Peter Kurta, Tess Lane, [...]

Meet Smuin’s New Dancers!2018-10-18T14:04:30-08:00

A Tribute to Dancer Erica Chipp-Adams

        Speaking with dancer Erica Chipp-Adams, it’s easy to see why her effervescent presence will be missed at Smuin Contemporary Ballet. Following the 2017/18 season, Chipp-Adams will be hanging up her pointe shoes to take on an entirely new role inspiring generations of dancers to come.   [...]

A Tribute to Dancer Erica Chipp-Adams2018-10-18T13:58:09-08:00

A Tribute to Smuin Dancer Jonathan Powell

         Down to earth and approachable, former Smuin dancer Jonathan Powell isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. After eight seasons of performing with the Company, the dancer took his final bows on stage in March 2018. “I’m so thankful that my eight years at Smuin have been just so [...]

A Tribute to Smuin Dancer Jonathan Powell2018-10-18T13:57:00-08:00

Behind the Wardrobe: A Conversation with Smuin’s JoEllen Arntz

        After any given Smuin performance, JoEllen Arntz can be found hand-washing, steaming, or repairing the show’s many costume pieces. After over two decades of working in ballet wardrobing, Arntz has figured out tricks―like sewing mic packs into tights, or using cheap vodka to get rid of sweat stains―that make her [...]

Behind the Wardrobe: A Conversation with Smuin’s JoEllen Arntz2017-08-25T10:56:15-08:00

A Conversation with Smuin’s Ballet Master, Amy London

       Smuin’s Ballet Master Amy London would be the first to admit that her job title has a rather “zen” feel to it. The duties that accompany the position, however, are perhaps a little more demanding than one would think.Traditionally, a company’s Ballet Master participates in teaching company classes, holding rehearsals, [...]

A Conversation with Smuin’s Ballet Master, Amy London2017-08-01T16:23:54-08:00

Designing a World Premiere: Madness, Rack, and Honey

       When Smuin’s newest original work, a “rollicking” contemporary piece from Garrett Ammon, premiered on September 29, 2016, audiences witnessed a poetic inclination that Smuin dancers quickly morphed into "an infectious good time." Brimming with tongue-in-cheek enthusiasm, this world premiere offers a unique insight into Ammon’s creative process.        Inspired [...]

Designing a World Premiere: Madness, Rack, and Honey2017-07-31T13:50:22-08:00

Meet Smuin’s New Dancers!

        Smuin welcomes five new dancers to the stage for the 2016/17 season: Ben Warner, Michael Wells, Tessa Barbour, Valerie Harmon, and Lauren Pschirrer. Joining us from all across the country, the newest members of Smuin bring their own unique flair to our works both classical and contemporary. Like so many of [...]

Meet Smuin’s New Dancers!2017-07-31T13:35:53-08:00

Oasis: A World Premiere in the Making

Last week, Helen Pickett returned to the studio to continue developing her upcoming world premiere for Smuin Ballet. Oasis, a nearly 25-minute work in seven parts, focuses on the idea of water in its many forms. Pickett began developing Oasis with the Company dancers in October, but the origin of the piece traces back to another [...]

Oasis: A World Premiere in the Making2017-05-22T20:22:24-08:00

Distinctive, Exhilarating, and Infectious: Choreography Showcase

Smuin Ballet’s 2016 Choreography Showcase just concluded its run at ODC Theater January 29-30. Featuring 11 works from eight Smuin dancers, the performance offered a variety of musical choices, choreographic styles, and costume designs. The music ranged from Debussy to Missy Elliott to Bon Iver, while several pieces featured original costumes by Company member Susan [...]

Distinctive, Exhilarating, and Infectious: Choreography Showcase2017-05-22T20:22:24-08:00

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