An Interview with Choreographer Helen Pickett

“I’m making a premiere for California━I’m from California━and the drought is killing me.” Choreographer Helen Pickett joined Smuin Ballet in the San Francisco studio last week to create a world premiere on the dancers titled Oasis. A nearly 30-minute work in four parts, Oasis explores the concept of water in its many incarnations and implications. [...]

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“Smuin Ballet is back in action!”

Smuin Ballet’s Dance Series One opened at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek this past weekend. Featuring the world premiere of Choreographer-In-Residence Amy Seiwert’s Broken Open, the return of Michael Smuin’s Bouquet and Ma Cong’s French Twist, and Company member Ben Needham-Wood’s Maslow, the program was packed with a variety of offerings. Reviewer Allan Ulrich [...]

“Smuin Ballet is back in action!”2017-05-22T20:22:25+00:00

Maslow Embodies Smuin’s Fearless Spirit and Originality

Smuin Ballet is known for offering a break from tradition—a new style, a new angle, a new perspective through which to view the art of dance. Following the inspiration of founder Michael Smuin, the company investigates alternate styles, as well as rising voices in the world of dance. In advancing Michael’s fearless spirit and originality, [...]

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Smuin Ballet Welcomes Back Choreographer Ma Cong

After a five year hiatus, we are delighted to welcome back Choreographer Ma Cong to showcase his piece French Twist for Dance Series One this fall. The dancers have enjoyed working with Ma in the studio, where he continues to amaze and inspire us all with his unique dance language. Only three dancers who performed [...]

Smuin Ballet Welcomes Back Choreographer Ma Cong2017-05-22T20:22:25+00:00

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