Smuin is sponsored in part by a grant from Grants for the Arts/General Fund Portion of the San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and our 2016/17 Season Partner, the Diablo Regional Arts Association. Smuin Ballet also extends deep appreciation to the following for their generosity and support:

Friends of Smuin

A huge thank you to the following members who serve as Company ambassadors:

Paula Blank
Tehila Eisenstat
Pat Glass
Anette Harris
Vanessa Higgins

Anita Jaffe
John Kirkpatrick
Irina Kovriga
Christopher Lee

Sam Leftwich
Sharon Melodia
Delpine Richagneux
Steve Rizzo

Pamela Rummage Culp
Al Symth
Lilian Wagner
Crystle Wong