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Smuin Ballet’s featured Choreographer – Nicole Haskins

Nicole Haskins creating on Smuin Ballet Photo: Chris Hardy To me, choreography is a lot like riding a bike. Sure, someone can explain thebasics, help you onto the bike, cheer you on. But, it ultimately comes down to you taking that leap of faith and continually pushing the pedals forward. [...]

Smuin Ballet’s featured Choreographer – Nicole Haskins2017-05-22T20:22:25-07:00

My Dance Yin and Yang by Ben Needham-Wood

I have always been a perfectionist. In every facet of life I’ve aimed to succeed beyond expectations and prove that I was capable of anything I could imagine. This may be part of why classical ballet has always had such an appeal to me – because no matter how brilliant a dancer’s technique may be there are always opportunities for a dancer to improve.

My Dance Yin and Yang by Ben Needham-Wood2017-05-22T20:22:25-07:00