Monday & Thursday-July 11, 14, 18, 21, 6:00-7:00pm

Your wish is our command! We are thrilled to be offering a Hybrid Pointe class with Lauren, so that those who wish to come in person can. This four-class series is for those with basic and intermediate ballet training who want to work towards — and work en pointe. Two classes each week will allow for more rapid progression and serious strengthening! Live the ballerina fantasy with Lauren’s methodical and straightforward approach to pointework.

Pointe Class Teacher

Lauren Pschirrer (she/her) teaches Intermediate Pointe on Tuesdays and Pilates on Saturdays. Originally from Naperville, Illinois, Lauren has danced with Smuin Ballet for six seasons. Lauren’s classes focus on body awareness, strengthening muscles, and correct alignment from the ground up. Approachable, encouraging and built to help you feel muscles that you might not have felt in a while! Lauren’s teaching style is a back to basics approach but with a more muscular/anatomical understanding and intentional progression into each class. Lauren sees dance as a way of self expression and a way for us to utilize our bodies to the fullest.

Favorite San Francisco neighborhood: Currently my favorite neighborhood is Russian Hill. I just moved to this neighborhood and it feels like you could be in Montreal.

The thing that most inspires me: is seeing other forms of art. I recently saw Hamilton and I was so moved by the performance. I thought dancing was hard, but having to sing on top of dancing — that is a whole different thing!

One thing people would be surprised to learn about you: I have a strong love for gemology. I love learning about the science of how beautiful jewels are made and designing the best way to show the beauty of the stone.