Smuin’s Choreography Showcase is now On Demand! This year’s Showcase featured 15 new works choreographed entirely by our Company Artists for their fellow dancers. Also on the program are 8 revivals of previous pieces, including ballets by Company Alumni Nicole Haskins, Ben Needham-Wood, and Rex Wheeler. With 23 works in total, you have plenty of chances to see your favorite Smuin Artists bring creations by their peers to life!

Read on for more information about all 3 Artist Pods.

Pod Opal

Tess Lane, John Speed Orr, Terez Dean Orr, and Max van der Sterre are featured. This is the Choreography Showcase debut of all 4 members of Pod Opal! Tess Lane, John Speed Orr, and Max van der Sterre all have created new works. Terez Dean Orr choreographed 2 works: a duet and a group number. Also on this program are revivals of Nicole Haskins and Weston Krukow’s Remember When (2015), Jane Hope Rehm’s Change Me None (2012), and Rex Wheeler’s Come-On-A-My-House (2018).

Pod Topaz

Brandon Alexander, Mengjun Chen, Cassidy Isaacson, Lauren Pschirrer and Brennan Wall are featured. Cassidy Isaacson and Brennan Wall each premiere 2 new works created on their pod-mates as well as a piece they co-choreographed. Mengjun Chen makes his Choreography Showcase debut with a duet for Cassidy Isaacson and Brandon Alexander. This program includes a revival of Ben Needham-Wood’s Where They From? (2016).

Pod Sapphire

Tessa Barbour, Ian Buchanan, Maggie Carey, and Ricardo Dyer are featured. All 4 members of Pod Sapphire premiere new works, including a tap duet for Maggie Carey and Ricardo Dyer choreographed by Tessa Barbour. This program also has 3 revivals: Darren Anderson’s Kiss-Kiss (2014), Tessa Barbour’s Letting Go (2018), and Nicole Haskins’ There’s Rosemary (2017).

On Demand viewing is available through May 31st. This is a compilation of performances streamed in early March 2021 and ready to enjoy now!