About Eva Faizi

Eva Faizi has worked at Smuin since 2013, leading the box office and supporting marketing and development. Eva now acts as Communications Managaer and as both a classically trained dancer and longtime Smuin supporter, her deep knowledge of ballet technique and its history makes her a unique asset to the Company. With degrees in both dance and global studies from UC Santa Barbara and 10 years of experience teaching dance and working in office administration, she can deftly traverse the worlds of art and business.

“Today is A Gift”: Dancer Ben Needham-Wood Reflects

        It’s terrifying for many dancers to imagine the end of their performance career, but I can’t help but celebrate. This career has filled my life with the most incredible people, unforgettable moments, and taught me how to gain confidence through vulnerability. It’s helped me find pride in pursuing my dream [...]

“Today is A Gift”: Dancer Ben Needham-Wood Reflects2019-11-21T11:46:52-08:00

“Take Five” Takes the Stage: A Conversation with Choreographer Rex Wheeler

        Former Smuin dancer and choreographer Rex Wheeler’s presence is both affable and approachable, his dancer’s build at ease in his chair during an exclusive interview. Despite having retired from Smuin one season ago, Wheeler is still no stranger to the stage. He now carefully balances a busy schedule as a [...]

“Take Five” Takes the Stage: A Conversation with Choreographer Rex Wheeler2019-09-25T17:43:29-07:00

Announcing Smuin’s 2019/20 Season!

        As Smuin enters its 26th year, the Company is proud to announce a vibrant and compelling 2019/20 season featuring a vivid ballet set to the iconic music of Johnny Cash, a world premiere by Cuban trailblazer Osnel Delgado, and the return of sensational works by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Michael [...]

Announcing Smuin’s 2019/20 Season!2019-06-27T14:47:04-07:00

“The Best of Smuin”: A 25th Anniversary Celebration

Join us as we sit down for an exclusive interview with Smuin’s Ballet Master, Amy London, on the Company’s 25th anniversary retrospective, The Best of Smuin. From the curation process to rehearsal bloopers to juggling the many props used in the program, Amy London has countless stories to share. ••• The Best [...]

“The Best of Smuin”: A 25th Anniversary Celebration2019-05-24T13:47:43-07:00

“Renaissance”: Choreographer Amy Seiwert’s Latest Work

        Fluttering hands, interlocking wrists, and pointing fingers—if there’s one thing distinct about dance maker Amy Seiwert’s choreographic style, it’s her love of gesture and unconventional partnering that remains consistent throughout each new work she creates. Twenty years ago, Seiwert first stepped into Smuin Contemporary Ballet’s studios under the direction of [...]

“Renaissance”: Choreographer Amy Seiwert’s Latest Work2019-05-13T13:45:06-07:00

“The Best of Smuin”: A Tribute to the Company’s Founder

        In his program letter for the very first performance of the newly formed Smuin Ballets/SF, Michael Smuin wrote: “The real vehicle of expression for a choreographer is a company of his own to work with, and that is what I am creating in 1994. The vision I have is of [...]

“The Best of Smuin”: A Tribute to the Company’s Founder2019-04-11T13:37:20-07:00

Smuin on Tour: Dancers Visit Montana

        Smuin dancers recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Big Sky country, where they performed a specially curated program for a sold-out audience in Hamilton, Montana. Since its inception, the Company has returned numerous times to perform near Missoula, Montana, home and birthplace of Company Founder Michael Smuin. [...]

Smuin on Tour: Dancers Visit Montana2019-05-13T12:49:42-07:00

A Tribute to Dancer Nicole Haskins

        Company dancer Nicole Haskins will be leaving Smuin at the end of the 2018/19 season to pursue other career opportunities. After six seasons with Smuin, where she balanced her performing career alongside her growing choreographic career, Haskins will be focusing her energy on choreography, teaching, and supporting the next generation [...]

A Tribute to Dancer Nicole Haskins2019-03-14T13:35:44-07:00

Smuin’s Silver Celebration: A Gala to Remember!

        Smuin Contemporary Ballet celebrated its 25th anniversary in style this month with its Silver Celebration gala, bringing its founder’s signature razzle-dazzle and a touch of glamour to San Francisco’s Design Center Galleria. Hosted by co-chairs Patti and Jerry Hume and Athena and John Konstin, with support from the Friends of [...]

Smuin’s Silver Celebration: A Gala to Remember!2019-03-14T11:22:26-07:00

Smuin Galas Through the Years

        Michael Smuin’s eponymous company (née Smuin Ballets/SF) has had many glitzy and glamorous nights in its 25 year history. From marking the Company’s milestones to commemorating retiring dancers, Smuin’s annual gala has become a highly-anticipated event of the season. The Company’s first gala, orchestrated by Michael Smuin, took place in [...]

Smuin Galas Through the Years2019-02-26T14:53:08-08:00

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