Smuin Center for Dance Frequently Asked Questions

All classes are taught by current Smuin Artists and by Smuin alumni.


Registration for classes occurs through the WellnessLiving portal. To purchase and register classes one has to make a profile through WellnessLiving. It is helpful if the registrant’s name and Zoom screen name match. After purchasing a class, participants will receive an email with a receipt and, if registered for a virtual class, an email with the video link.

Joining Virtual Classes

There are two ways to join virtual classes. First, after the participant books a virtual class, they will receive an email with the video link. Registrants will also receive a reminder email that includes the video link an hour before the class. Alternatively, in their WellnessLiving portal, under the “Schedule” tab, students will see a list of all classes they are registered for. By clicking on the class, a blue “Start Virtual Session” button will also launch Zoom to join the meeting.


We’re proud to offer a variety of pricing options for our virtual classes. Participants may choose from $10, $15, $20. All in-person classes are $15. You are welcome to pay by class or purchase multiple classes at once. To purchase multiple classes, go to the “Store” tab and purchase as many purchase options as desired. Then go to the “Book Now” tab and apply the payment options to the classes you wish to attend.

Video Access

For those that purchase the “$20+Video Access” payment option for a class, the video will be uploaded to your WellnessLiving profile within 24 hours after the class. By clicking the “Watch Video” button at the bar on the top of your screen you will see your available videos. These videos are available to view for 7 days.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, you can cancel the class through your WellnessLiving profile. If it is within 24 hours of the class, you can assign your payment option to another class with the same price options. Classes will not be reimbursed if missed.


Students must register for class at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the class. Students may join virtual sessions late.

Concerned about safety?

After creating a WellnessLiving account, participants are prompted to sign our Liability Waiver. This contract addresses liability release, safety precautions, recording consent, and assumption of risk. Please be sure to read it in its entirety. For further reference you can read the Liability Release waiver here.

Please contact us at with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

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