About Eva Faizi

Eva Faizi has worked at Smuin since 2013, leading the box office and supporting marketing and development. Eva now acts as Communications Managaer and as both a classically trained dancer and longtime Smuin supporter, her deep knowledge of ballet technique and its history makes her a unique asset to the Company. With degrees in both dance and global studies from UC Santa Barbara and 10 years of experience teaching dance and working in office administration, she can deftly traverse the worlds of art and business.

Behind the Scenes: Smuin’s 2018 Choreography Showcase

        For the past five seasons, Smuin has presented audiences with its signature Choreography Showcase, an intimate performance almost entirely orchestrated by the dancers of the Company. From choreography to costuming to original music compositions, there is a distinct spirit of collaboration among the artists of Smuin unique to the production. [...]

Special Announcement: Smuin Partners with Lyft

        Calling all Bay Area arts lovers! Lyft, an innovative rideshare service located right here in San Francisco, has partnered with Smuin Contemporary American Ballet for their 2017/18 season! Smuin’s shows are unlike anything you will ever see. Since the Company’s debut in 1994, Smuin continues to entertain more than 30,000 [...]

Creating New Realities: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Revisits “Requiem for a Rose”

        Internationally renowned choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa is, in her own words, passionate about “creating new realities.” A simple class exercise at the age of 11 sparked the beginnings of what would later become a thriving choreographic career. While Lopez Ochoa couldn’t quite comprehend the gravity of that moment; she [...]

To the Moon! Michael Smuin’s Thoughts on His Timeless Sinatra Ballet

       As Michael Smuin’s eponymous company approaches its 24th season, the Bay Area ballet troupe (now known as Smuin Contemporary American Ballet), works hard to continue his legacy of dance and showmanship. Smuin’s current Artistic Director, Celia Fushille, transitioned from dancer to Associate Director under Michael Smuin’s guidance and continues to move [...]

A Conversation with Smuin’s Ballet Master, Amy London

       Smuin’s Ballet Master Amy London would be the first to admit that her job title has a rather “zen” feel to it. The duties that accompany the position, however, are perhaps a little more demanding than one would think.Traditionally, a company’s Ballet Master participates in teaching company classes, holding rehearsals, [...]

Smuin’s 2017/18 Season: Daring & Inventive Programs Ahead!

       As Smuin enters its 24th year, the Company is proud to announce a daring and inventive lineup for its 2017/18 season. This next year of ballet boasts a combination of mixed repertory programs that emphasize the strength, skill, and technical diversity of the Smuin dancers. The gathering excitement over these new [...]

“Beauty, Athleticism, & Wonder:” Smuin’s Dance Series 02

       Smuin’s Dance Series 02 opened in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts this past weekend. This triple bill boasts two world premieres for the Company alongside the return of a Smuin favorite. Choreographer and Smuin dancer Nicole Haskins delights audiences with her beautifully sentimental work The Poetry of Being, [...]

“Be Here Now” Trey McIntyre Returns to Smuin

       With over 100 works under his belt, it’s clear that renowned choreographer Trey McIntyre’s artistic endeavors aren’t slowing down anytime soon. When Trey McIntyre first stepped into the Smuin studios to create Oh Inverted World in 2010, his time was mostly devoted to his eponymous company, Trey McIntyre Project, and the intermittent [...]

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