Just because happy hour has been recently relegated to homes and online spaces, doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy a well-crafted cocktail. In need of some inspiration? Never fear– the artists of Smuin have come to the rescue with fresh, simple libations that can be easily replicated in the comfort of your own home!

        Artists Brennan Wall, Max van der Sterre, and Terez Dean Orr have kindly shared their favorite at-home cocktail recipes, to be appreciated by Smuin artists and aficionados alike.  Whether you prefer something more traditional, like van der Sterre’s twist on a Gin and Tonic, festive like Orr’s “Tendu-rita”, or sparkling like Wall’s “Chatellaine” there’s something suitable for every palate.

        For something refreshing and verdant, try van der Sterre’s cocktail, dubbed the “Glissade Gin and Tonic.” The artist himself shared a video making his creation at home; all you need is a few minutes, gin (van der Sterre prefers St. George’s Terroir), tonic, lime, and ice. Fabulous!


        Wall’s drink is a little more personal. She shared a recipe created by her uncle, the “Chatellaine.” Bubbly, floral, and bright– fans of the classic French 75 are sure to enjoy this champagne-topped cocktail.

        Orr cleverly combines the fun of cocktail hour with ballet barre in her “Tendu-rita.” This refreshing drink blends tart strawberries, lime, and blanco tequila. Be sure to shake your cocktail with some enthusiasm and style, as Orr does in the video below! We’re convinced that a little dancer flair makes the end result even better.